Sunday, July 7, 2013

Still Publishing on Paper

I can't believe I haven't written  anything here in six weeks, but dates don't lie. By way of explanation, I've been busily putting the final touches on the last of my Post Cold War Political Thriller Trilogy. The title is Overture to Disaster, and it should be ready for publication in a couple  of weeks. Meanwhile, I have news on another front.

The second book in the trilogy, The Poksu Conspiracy, is now available here as a paperback on That makes all of my current nine mystery and thriller titles available both on paper and in digital format. If you like big books, this one is a monster at 532 pages, at a price of only $15. Actually, Amazon currently has it discounted to $14.25.

The Korean word "Poksu"is translated as "Vengeance." It's a tale of the destruction resulting from one man's oath of vengeance for the death of his father sixty years earlier. On one level, the novel is an amalgam of a spy story and a Korean police procedural. Burke Hill, the main character from the first book, Beware the Jabberwock, now directs the clandestine side of a Washington public relations firm that's a CIA spinoff. His task is to find the truth about a report that Israel is helping South Korea develop nuclear weapons. Yun Yu-sop, a Seoul Metropolitan Police Bureau homicide detective, has been tracking the assailant he believes responsible for several murders of leading citizens who have supported friendly relations with the United States.

Captain Yun's investigation leads him to a Korean assassin who has his sights set on both Yun and Burke Hill. Reviewer John R. Lindermuth's review concludes with:

"Campbell's tale is well-drawn with richly defined characters, enough action to satisfy even the most jaded of readers and an absorbing plot. Highly recommended."

If you prefer the ebook to the paperback, you'll find it here.

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