Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's a good thing I'm with a small press, or my new book probably wouldn't have gotten published. The Good, The Bad and The Murderous starts out like a mystery and winds  up like a thriller. Such cross-genre books often get turned down by New York publishers because they don't fall into a convenient niche for the marketing department.

Since Night Shadows Press has no marketing department, that's no problem. Like most authors these days, I'm the nearest thing to a marketer my books will ever see. I put them on Amazon for the Kindle and on for the rest of the e-readers. And through blogs like this, my page on Facebook, various online lists, and appearances at a variety of bookselling venues, I try to get my name out and information on my books.

Getting back to The Good, The Bad, the mystery is pretty well solved within the first 100 pages. Then things start getting nasty for my protagonists, Sid Chance and his sometimes sidekick, Jaz LeMieux. At that point it becomes a matter of how can they keep their client off death row and save their own skins before the bad guys win out?

The book will be out in paperback this fall, but it will be available in ebook format within the next few weeks. Like a lot of writers currently, I'm selling more ebooks than paper books. The cover of the new book has been revised slightly from what appears here. Instead of billing it as Sid Chance Mystery No. 2, it is now called A Sid Chance Thriller. Inside it'll be identified as Sid Chance Novel Number 2.