Tuesday, May 19, 2009

City Paper review of The Surest Poison

Here's a review of The Surest Poison from The Nashville City Paper by Staff Writer Ron Wynn:

Nashville author Chester D. Campbell’s newest creation is private investigator Sid Chance, both a former police chief and a National Parks ranger. In The Surest Poison, Chance’s love for the outdoors and his knowledge of procedure prove advantageous when he decides to investigate a chemical dump located in a small rural community just west of Nashville.

Surely this is merely another cause of official neglect, and Chance figures it won’t be hard to track down either the person or corporation responsible for this environmental blight.

But Chance discovers that there’s much more to this case than just some after hours dumping. He’s soon right in the middle of what looks like a string of unrelated murders.

Besides having no suspects, Chance is being threatened and followed. He enlists an ally in another former cop, Jaz LeMieux, and her involvement immediately makes her a target. The duo must pool their resources, experience and contacts and trace this all the way back to the case that ended Chance’s previous career as a police chief.

In addition to including plenty of places and characters that savvy Music City readers will recognize and enjoy, Campbell’s crafted a mystery that seems easy to solve, but instead has plenty of twists and turns. Chance and LeMieux are smart investigators, but they find themselves facing a more organized and tough conspiracy than they thought.

He also uses the story to inform readers about some of the dangers regarding landfills and waste sites, a perennial environmental problem that plagues many small towns and poor communities across the nation.

Campbell has already won plenty of praise among mystery fans for his series about senior detectives Greg and Jill McKenzie. His newest character Sid Chance seems destined to generate the same kind of excitement and anticipation for future adventures thanks to the quality of The Surest Poison.

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You can order the book from your local bookstore, Amazon.com or BarnesandNoble.com.


Jean Henry Mead said...

Great review, Chester. My husband grabbed the book as soon as it arrived and has been reading humorous segments to me every night. I wish he's hurry up and finish Surest Poison so I can read it. :)


Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

Nice review. Congratulations!Do you have any tips on how you get newspapers to review your books?

Jane Kennedy Sutton

Chester Campbell said...

Tell your hubby to get with it, Jean.

Persistence, Jane, is the best advice I can give. The major Nashville daily had reviewed all of my first four books but now only runs occasional canned reviews. I looked up the reviewer at The City Paper, emailed him and phoned him until he said send me the book. Now I have an invitation to submit the next one.