Thursday, January 1, 2009

Getting 2009 off to a blogging start

It has been a quiet New Year's Day around here. Everybody but me slept till noon. I've been banging around on the computer most of the day, cleaning up this and that. Finally got around to setting up my new blog. Welcome aboard.

So why should you read mine in addition to the 99 million others out there? Will I have anything worthwhile to expound upon? There's the mystery. You'll need to check in now and then to find out.

In a world where the economy is sliding down a greased pole, where people like me have a granddaughter-in-law in Iraq and a grandson in Afghanistan, hopefully not getting shot at today, where legislators seem more adept at arguing than accomplishing, where food on the table is a luxury in many places, is this a a great time to be alive or not? You bet it is.

This is my eighty-third winter, and I've seen a lot of crazy goings-on in this topsy-turvy world. I've managed to survive it all by being an incurable optimist. Things are going to get better. You can count on it. And I plan to take part in the good times ahead. That's why I like mystery writing. The good guys may take a beating along the way, but they're gonna win in the end.

I hope you'll come along for the ride.

By the way, you'll find me blogging at two other sites: Tuesdays at Murderous Musings and the first and third Fridays at Make Mine Mystery.


Jaden Terrell said...

Happy New Year, Chester. I wish you a world of success with your latest endeavor!

Morgan Mandel said...

Once you get used to the daily thing, it'll become so ingrained you'll do it out of habit.

Glad you took the challenge, Chester.

Morgan Mandel

Chester Campbell said...

Beth, Morgan, thanks for visiting. I'll have to try and get ahead with the scheduled posts, Morgan. I also may do some crossoever from one blog to another.

Anonymous said...

You're off to a good start, Chester.I signed on as a follower. Good luck!
Pat Browning

Chester Campbell said...

Thanks, Pat. I'm supposed to post daily in January. That's a challenge.