Thursday, April 9, 2009

"A top rate mystery" - Crimespree Magazine

If you're a subscriber to Crimespree Magazine or can get it at your local newsstand, check out the book review of The Surest Poison by the editor, Jon Jordan. Assuming you aren't lucky enough to have a copy, here is what it says:

"Chester Campbell’s latest, THE SUREST POISON introduces a new character, PI Sid Chance and his side kick Jaz LeMieux. Sid lives just outside Nashville and is a former Police Chief who wanted to just retire and get away from it all. His friend Jaz works her magic and talks him into taking a case and becoming a PI. With this book opening she has pulled some strings and gotten him another case. A local lawyer is representing a business owner in trouble with the authorities because of a chemical spill at his plant caused by the previous owners. Unfortunately the previous owners are more than a bit elusive. The further along Sid gets, the stranger things become and it soon becomes clear these are people who want their privacy. Something very hinky is going on.

"Chance is a great character, 59 years old, Viet Nam vet, ex cop and relentless. Campbell’s work here is his best yet and the book has a natural rhythm that moves the story along at a nice pace. The people who populate the book are realistic and nothing feels forced, its as if Campbell is just telling their story without embellishing, which I found refreshing. A top rate mystery by a gem of a writer."

What more can I say? Go here and buy the book?

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Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

Fantastic Review! Congratulations.

Jane Kennedy Sutton