Thursday, February 5, 2009

Words: the building blocks of knowledge

Does that sound profound, or what?

I've always loved dealing with words of the written variety. At spoken words, I'm not too great. This has been increasingly true over the past few years as my voice has deteriorated from a chronic cough and other things we won't go into now...

The love of words is something writers like to play around with. In this case, it's a game called tag. You might think playing tag a bit juvenile for a guy less than ten months away from 84. If I'm gonna be involved in all this bloggishness, though, I suppose I'd better play along.

My colleague Ann Parker provided the adjacent pile of letters and tagged me with this setup:

List at least five things you do to support and spread a love of the written word, and tag five people. (If you list something that touches youngsters, you get a bonus letter!)

So here goes:

1. I write mysteries that I hope will encourage people to spend some time with a book and be entertained.

2. At book signings, when someone stops by with a little Janie or Johnny who enjoys books, I encourage them to keep reading and follow their dreams if they aspire to be writers.

3. I support libraries and booksellers whenever I get the opportunity and take part in as many book fairs and festivals as I can.

4. I've done radio and TV interviews discussing the merits of reading and writing.

5. I appear at book clubs whenever possible and try to spread the gospel that reading is fun and fashionable.

Okay, Ann, I did it. And I earned one extra letter. I think I'll take a Q. It seems to be a rather lonely letter and, like me, doesn't get much respect. I also have to tag five other people. Let's see...

Christina Rodriguez
Heidi Thomas
Joy Delgado
Katie Hines
L. Diane Wolfe

And if you really love words, check out those in an excerpt from The Marathon Murders.


Charlotte Phillips said...

You are a good sport to play along and very kind to pick Q, who generally feels so lonely and unwanted.

I've been meaning to stop by and congratulate you on your completion of the blog-a-day challenge. It makes for a tough month, but you stuck with it.

Charlotte Phillips

Chester Campbell said...

Thanks, Char. It has been a struggle, but I've always felt if you're going to join something, you need to participate to the fullest. Now if I can just translate that to writing my next book . . .

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tag. Here are my five:

1. I illustrate children's books which encourage reading at a young age.
2. I volunteer for the SCBWI, an organization that promotes writing, illustrating, and reading children's books.
3. When I visit schools, I emphasize that reading books helped me become the artist I am today.
4. I support my libraries and independent booksellers through donations and purchases.
5. I blog about the books I love.

Anonymous said...

Oh Wow! Good thing I looked at your blog--I've been tagged! Thanks, I think. Grin.

Anonymous said...

I have always expressed my love for the written words when in comes to my job as a freelance coursework writer. I always make sure that if I'm writing for my clients, I just do not write for the sake of doing my job. I write from my heart and I spend time and effort in carefully choosing the words. I also talk to my clients to try writing even in blogs to help them practice their skills. I believe that anyone can write and I want to inspire others through my writing.