Saturday, January 3, 2009

The envelope, please...

Okay, it's not a statue of Oscar, or Emmy, or any of those folks, but what good are they except to put on a shelf? I'm announcing the winners of my contest for Advance Review Copies of my newest mystery, The Surest Poison.

And the winners are:

P.J. Coldren of Michigan, Helen Kiker of Virginia, and Linda Newman, of North Gower, Ontario, Canada.

Thanks to all of those who sent in their entries for the contest. I'm sorry I didn't have enough ARCs for everybody. But, hey, there will be a book to buy soon. The Surest Poison is up on Barnes and Noble ( for pre-order and should be on soon.

When I went to the post office this morning thirty minutes before closing time (my usual late appearance) to mail the books, it looked like Christmas deja vu. The parking lot was packed, the line snaking out the door despite multiple clerks working the windows. Maybe everybody is sending back those on-line gifts for exchange.

At any rate, I gave up and went back home. So the books won't be mailed until Monday. You can learn more about The Surest Poison at my website:


L. Diane Wolfe said...

Yes, Friday and Saturday were rather crazy in our town!
Or so I was told by my husband who fearlessly ventured out - and quickly retreated!
And I'm hoping to get a couple review copies from my publisher for a giveaway as well - think it's a smashing idea!

Chester Campbell said...

Giveaways for new books are always popular. I use it to get readers for my newsletter.